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Computational Electromagnetics and RF Electronics
ECE 255
ECE 455
Course Overview
ECE 255 - Introduction To Electronic Analysis And Design
Diode, bipolar transistor, and FET circuit models for the design and analysis of electronic circuits. Single and multistage analysis and design; introduction to digital circuits. Computer-aided design calculations, amplifier operating point design, and frequency response of single and multistage amplifiers. High-frequency and low-frequency designs are emphasized.

ECE 455 - Integrated Circuit Engineering
Analysis, design, and fabrication of silicon bipolar and MOSFET monolithic integrated circuits. Consideration of amplifier circuit design and fabrication techniques with circuit simulation using Spice-2. Integrated operational amplifiers with difference amplifiers, current sources, active loads, and voltage references. Design of IC analog circuit building blocks

Course Teaching Timeline
Fall 2006
ECE 455

Spring 2006
ECE 255

Fall 2005
ECE 455

Spring 2005
ECE 255
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